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  • Magnetism with complex energy eye mask
Magnetism with complex energy eye mask

Meet ergonomics and help blood circulation and massage the acupoint around eyes, can release fatigue smoothly and quickly.

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Main material: Neoprene+Nylon
Energy: Magnets, Anion, Far Infrared Rays
Cloth Material: Far Infrared PVC+POLYESTER FIBER

Objective :
1.End the day of fatigue, using it before sleep.
2.After long-hour using computers, cell phones or reading books
3.Long distance ride.
4.After long-hour meeting, or nap time in office and school etc. 

Instructions : 
Take out the eye mask off the bag , attach the side with the far infrared Rays point cloth attack on eyes, 
then adjust the elastic belt while use.

Functions : 
Meet ergonomics and help blood circulation and massage the acupoint around eyes, 
can release fatigue smoothly and quickly.

Cleaning Method : 
Add some fabric wash and dilute into clean water, rub the eye mask by hands gently and hang for air-dry. 
Do not soak for long time and avoid washing by bleach and detergent. 

Notes : 
1. Do not use together with eye film.
2. Please consult with your doctor before use if any abnormal like injury, redness, eczema happen around eyes or pregnant. 
3.Do not let children use individually, Childrens under 7 years old are not suggest to use. 
4.Stop using if any discomfort happens after use, please consult with your doctor directly.
5.Stop using while walking in case any dangers might take place.


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