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1.Strongest NdFeB Magnets
2.Ferrite (Ceramic) Molding Magnets
3.Ferrite (Ceramic) Cutting Magnets
4.Flexible Rubber Magnets
5.Injection Plastic Magnets
6.Alnico Alloy Magnets
7.Sintered SmCo Magnets
8.Bonded NdFeB Magnets
9.Anion Magnets (Minus Ion Manets)
10.Bio Magnets for Healthcare
11.Magnetic Application Tools
12.Magnetic Creative Products
13.Magnetic Healthcare Products
14.Magnetic Ornaments
15.Magnetic Powder
16.Energy Healthcare Elements
17.Gauss Meter / Magnetic Viewer
18.Magnetic Cloth Fittings
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Q & A
What are your company's primary business projects?

Sinter NdFeB Magnets, Ferrite Magnets (made by mold/cutting), Bonded NdFeB Magnet, Rubber Magnets, Plastic Magnet, Alnico Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Fe-Co-Cr Magnet, Minus-Ion Magnets and Anion Magnet etc.

What are the maximum quantity and the minimum quantity of the Magnet you can produce?

It depends on the material of the magnet. Taking the common-used of the Ferrite Magnets and the NdFeB Magnet for examples.

Ferrite Magnet:

Size            Shape

Maximum size

Minimum size










NdFeB Magnet:

Size            Shape

Maximum size

Minimum size










*The maximum size and the minimum size should depends on the practical situation. EX: Whether the maximum size has the stock of the material or not. The minimum size needs to have the MOQ...etc.

What is the maximum magnetism of the magnet you can magnetize?

It depends on the material and the thickness. As for axial magnetization, the thicker of the thickness, the higher of the magnetism. Take NdFeB Magnets in grade of ND-52 and in thickness of 50mm for examples. The magnetism of the surface can reach to 7,000+/-10% Gauss. But by using the special-made of the powerful magnetic tool, the magnetism can reach to 15,000 to 20,000 gauss.

Can magnetism convert into suction? How much weight can it hold?

There is no direct conversion formula that can convert the magnetism into suction. If the magnet is used for suction weight, we suggest you can put on steel case or U shape of magnet. It would enhance the magnetic force and the suction gravity.

Which products do most of the magnets apply to?

Electric machinery(Motor, Dynamos), 3C electronic products(Speaker, Earphone, Iphone and IPod…etc..), sports equipment(magnetic treadmill), hardware(magnetic lock, door buckle), healthcare(acupuncture), magnetic tool(magnetic holder), meter, magnetic switch(Security), holder... etc.

What is the difference between Isotropic Magnet and Anisotropic Magnet?

The difference between isotropic magnet and anisotropic magnet are the process of ferrite powder and the magnetization. There are the interpretations below.


Isotropic Magnet

a.     The material is granular, the size is approximately 3 ~ 4 μm.

b.     When molding, the material is not magnetized arrangement.

c.     It can magnetize in any direction.

d.     If the isotropic ferrite magnet is magnetized through thickness, the magnetism would be approximately 500~800 Gauss.

e.     The surface does not have extra grinding work.


Anisotropic Magnet

a.     The material is powdered; the size is approximately 0.85 ± 0.1 μm.

b.     When molding, the powder is magnetized with arrangement.

c.     It needs regular direction when magnetizing, such as axial and diametric etc.

d.     If the anisotropic ferrite magnet is magnetized through thickness, the magnetism would be approximately 800~1,400 Gauss. (ex. The surface has extra grinding work except Outer diameter and inner diameter.)

What are dry pressed and wet pressed? What are the properties?

When molding, the dry pressed of the raw material is dried granule or powder. But the wet pressed of the raw material is liquid powder. The magnetism of dry pressed is 10~15% stronger than wet pressed; the price of wet pressed is 30% expensive than the price of dry pressed.

Can you open a new mold? How much is the mold fee? How long does it take to open a new mold?

In the capable of range, it is able to open a new mold with the current manufacturing equipment. The capable of range depends on the size and the difficulty of the mold. The general opening mold fee cost about 45,000 to120,000 NTD, but the mold fee cost about 350,000 to 400,000 NTD especially for Polar anisotropic magnet. It takes for about 30~45 days to open a new mold.

Could you magnetize the magnets for me?

Yes! Depending on the specifications and material classification, we would accordingly charge for magnetizing fee. If the factory does not have the ready-made magnetizing coils, we have to estimate the new coiling fee. The new coiling fee cost about 25,000 to 65,000 NTD.

How is the magnetism come from? Will the magnetism disappear?

The magnetism is the magnet that magnetize with the momentary high voltage through the electric coil. The magnetism would not disappear under the normal use but it would gradually decline under the over-high temperature or the rejection of same polarity in a long time.

Please tell me whether temperature has the effect to the magnetism of the magnet?

Yes! Different material of magnets has different resistance to temperature. If you would like to know more about the information of magnets, please contact us without hesitation.

What is Magnetic Application Tools?

Magnetic Rollers, High Power of Magnetic Bars, High Power of Magnetic Trays, Pick up Tools by hand on Industry, magnetic Tools for Magnetic Water, Magnetic Holders, Magnetic Energy Converters, Oil Filter for Vehicles, magnetic Equipment on ECO-Technical, Magnetic Hanger and Magnetic Door Holder etc.

What are Magnetic jewelries and accessories?

Magnetic Titanium Bracelet, magnetic Titanium Germanium Bracelet, Magnetic Titanium Bracelet & Necklace, Magnetic Bracelet, Magnetic Earrings, Anion Energy Sport Rubber Bracelet & Necklace, Magnetic Rings etc.

What are Magnetic Health Care Products?

Magnetic Plaster, Magnetic Acupuncture Bar, Magnetic massage Acupuncture Bar, Magnetic Neoprene Wrap Set, Magnetic with far infrared rays support belts, Magnetic Men’s Auto Belt, Magnetic PU High Ventilative Pillow, Magnetic PU cushion pillow, Magnetic Single Mattress Pad, Magnetic Pillow Pad, Magnetic Insoles, Magnetic Air Spring Shoes, Magnetic Massage ball etc.

If we use the magnets for magnetic levitation, will the magnetism disappear soon?

The degree of disappearing magnetism would depend on the Maglev Repulsion. If we only use 50% of the repulsion (presuming the two exclusion surfaces contacted degree is 100%), the magnetic force would not declining very soon. Furthermore, the speed of declining magnetism would depend on the pros and cons of the magnetic coercivity.

If the magnetic magnetism starts declining after using for a period of time. Could we re-magnetize the magnet?

Certainly, but it is unable to magnetized the magnet fully 100%. It depends on the material of the magnet and the using circumstance. Basically, the magnet is able to reuse after being magnetized.

What is the difference between the electromagnetic field and the magnetic field?

The electromagnetic field is dynamic, strong penetration and bad for health if you exposure for a long time. The magnetic field is static, low penetration and good for health if you exposure for a long time.

How do consumers who use health care products choose the positive (yang) or negative (cathode) for health care treatment?

According to the Chinese medicine theory, it depends on which pole the patient lacks of. The effect would be notable after replenish with the right pole.

Can we put the magnet into the water or cook with the rice like the bamboo charcoal?

No! Definitely can’t! The magnet would be harmful to health because it has variety of chemical material.

How long can the magnet keep its magnetic force?

Under the normal used circumstance, the magnetic force can keep for a year. The keeping magnetic force has obvious difference if you use different grade of the material. Take the NdFeB Magnet in grade of SH for example, the magnetic force could keep for three years.

The magnet of the magnetic motor part has broken, can it be serviced?

Yes! We advise that replacing all the magnetic parts of the motor in order to fully play the motor's 100% function.

How is the magnet's acid and alkali capacity?

The magnet’s acid and alkali capacity is not very well. Except the Ferrite Magnet can barely put into the chemical tank (We are not suggest to do that), it's more safer for other kinds of material should coated with stainless steel.

Can the magnet conduct electricity? How is the resistivity?

Some materials like NdFeB Magnets can conduct electricity, but some materials like Ferrite Magnets can not conduct electricity.

I would like to demagnetize the magnet by raising the temperature, how can I do ?

It must not fire the magnet directly; it has to raise the temperature gradually by using the electric furnace. When the temperature reach to 450 above, the magnetism will demagnetize completely.

Can you magnetize the unsaturated magnet according to the customer requirements?

 Yes! You just have to adjust the capacitance and voltage of the magnetizer and then you can magnetize the unsaturated magnet. Due to the unsaturated magnet, it will demagnetize gradually when using. Customers should consider it carefully.

Can I order the magnet which has 10,000 Gauss?

When talking about the Flux Density (Br), the strongest magnetism of the magnet is NdFeB Magnet in grade of ND-52; the Flux Density (Br) can reach to 14,800 Gauss. When talking about the surface magnetism of the magnet, the strongest magnetism can only reach to 7,000 ± 10% Gauss. After special assembly, the surface magnetism of the magnet can reach to 15,000 ± 10% Gauss.

Can I order monopole magnets?

Sorry, we can not provide monopole magnets. The magnet must have the positive (yang) pole and negative (cathode) pole. According to the monopole magnet on the street talks, it is usually refers to using the monopole of the magnetism. Actually, the other pole still exists.